Loving God, Loving People, Making Disciples

Loving God, Loving People, Making Disciples
Study Leave Report
Jason Sentas
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Study Leave Report

In early September I returned to Gordon-Conwell Seminary for a Preaching Conference entitled Preaching to Prove. Ravi Zacharias, Mark Dever, Mary Hulst, Jared Alcántara, Afshin Ziafat, and Mark Farnham were a few of the preachers that spoke about preaching apologetically. This time away gave me opportunity to do three things.


1. I was able to reconnect with some friends I have worked with and attended seminary with in the past.

2. I was able to sit back and drink in some great teaching about speaking to a generation that is moving awayfrom the church but remains aware that their soul is yearning for more.

3. I had opportunity to look at my own ministry and consider how I might grow in my ability to speak into the issues of the heart that people deal with today.


While much of the conference was wonderful, one session stuck with me more than the others. Jared Alcántara delivered a message on John the Baptist’s teaching in the wilderness from Luke 3:1-18. He shared that as we believers increasingly find ourselves in the wild of this new age, our message to the world must be timeless and timely in three ways  1. It must be Biblically grounded, 2. Ethically Vital, 3. Unambiguously Christian. In other words, our truth must be drawn from the Bible, our lives must be a visible force for that truth, and the efforts for both must be tied to Jesus. What a great reminder for this 41 year old husband, father, neighbor, pastor,

and son. Thank you all for giving your pastors the resources and time to participate in conferences like this. It was a great blessing to me and I pray that I am able to pass along some of what I learned to you all. I anyone would like hear more about what I took away, please feel free to reach out as I would be happy to share.


In Christ,

Jason Sentas

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