Logos/Middle School Ministry (MSM)

We are celebrating 40 years of Logos at First Presbyterian Church this fall.  Our program began in the fall of 1979, and continues as a strong program of Christian nurture and education in our congregation, 40 years later. Our Logos/Middle School Ministry program provides a mid-week program for children and youth in first – eighth grades.  All participants rotate between worship skills (choir for 1st – 6th grades; handbells for 7th-8th grades), recreation, Bible study and dinner.  There is a weekly theme with wacky outfits and fun table games; an opportunity to serve once a month in a singing choir or a handbell choir; great fun in recreation with games and hilarity, and inspiring and life-changing Bible study every week.  

Parents are a big part of our program, helping in the kitchen, leading Bible classes, serving as table parents.  It is a “family affair,” and encourages an inter-generational approach by including retired members of the church, along with young adults.  


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Logos/MSM meet on Wednesday 4:30 - 7 pm in Fellowship Hall, and Classrooms. 

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