Services are now in person and online. 9:30 a.m (contemporary) & 11:00 a.m. (traditional)

Church School

... Making Disciples

Church School classes are held every Sunday, all year long, for children and youth from infants to seniors in high school. 

Preschool and Kindergarten:

Preschoolers and kindergarteners enjoy singing, Bible stories, crafts, and play time in Room 210.

Elementary Classes (Grades 1-5)

Elementary students (1st – 5th grades) use David C. Cook’s Reformation Press curriculum, and focus on themed lessons, with hands-on activities and classes.

1st - 3rd grades - Room 324

4th - 5th grades - Room 322

Middle School Class (Grades 6-8)

Middle School Church School (grades 6-8) also uses David C. Cook's Reformation Press curriculum ("The Rock") and focus on relevant topics and Bible lessons.

6th - 8th grades - Room 310

High School Class (Grades 9-12)

High School Church School (grades 9-12) uses Great Commission Publication's "So What?" curriculum, with a focus on Biblical topics relevant to high schoolers.

9th - 12th grades - Room 313

Information about preschool, elementary and middle school curriculum may be found at

Information about high school curriculum may be found at

Important Information during the COVID-19 Stay-at-home order / Downloadable Sunday School lessons

A lot of people in our church family are really missing getting together with their Sunday School classes for both fellowship and learning each Sunday morning. We have a wonderful resource to offer to you, where you may access age-appropriate Sunday School lessons using Spring 2020 curriculum downloads from the curriculum company we use, David C. Cook. There are lessons, teacher guides, activity pages, and devotions available for all ages, from Toddlers through Adult classes.


Because our adult classes use a variety of resources and curriculum material for their classes, the Adult Digital Bundle listed below is simply a resource for some excellent study material while we can't get together. 


It is very easy to access and download these materials.


In your web browser, go to:

Use the following access codes for the age level you want to access:


Access Code Curriculum and Age Level

200142092 Bible-in-Life Spring 2020 Toddler Digital Bundle

200142100 Bible-in-Life Spring 2020 Preschool Digital Bundle

200142108 Bible-in-Life Spring 2020 Early Elementary Digital Bundle

200142116 Bible-in-Life Spring 2020 Elementary Digital Bundle

200142124 Bible-in-Life Spring 2020 Upper Elementary Digital Bundle

200145036 Bible-in-Life Spring 2020 Middle School Digital Bundle

200145040 Bible-in-Life Spring 2020 High School Digital Bundle

200145044 Bible-in-Life Spring 2020 Adult Digital Bundle


Please note: You only need to type in the access code numbers (not the text). You do not need to download the entire Spring 2020 curriculum - you may choose lessons individually.


Important: Please keep the use of these downloads within our church family, due to copyright regulations. We have paid for Spring 2020 curriculum, and our church members are free to access this at no charge.


I hope that you will consider having Sunday School classes within your family units! Children are great teachers too - give them the materials and let them teach some lessons! Parents can do activity pages too! This can be a very special time for you as a family, as you gather around God's Word and learn together. 


Please contact Ellen Auten ( if you need help with these Sunday School lessons.