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Women's Ministry

" Encouraging Women to Flourish in Christ and for His Kingdom"


"WoMIN" defines the ministry opportunities at FPCM that serve to encourage women to flourish in their relationship with Christ and to live out His call on our love God with all our heart, mind, and soul and to love our neighbor well.

As you navigate this page you will find a variety of ways for women to engage. Whether it be in spiritual nurture, connection and fellowship,

or in serving with your unique talents and gifts, our desire is that you will find a place in the life of the FPCM family to flourish in Christ and for His Kingdom!


WoMIN small group ministries are organized as AFFINITY GROUPS. Affinity Groups provide an opportunity for women to gather on a regular basis for friendship, fellowship, and spiritual nurture. These groups vary according to their "affinity" or, more simply put...based the needs they meet, the purpose they serve, or even commonality in life stage. The following groups are some, but certainly not all, of the ways you can become involved. Please be sure to look throughout our entire church website!

Circles have a long rich history and tradition here at FPCM. Over the years they have been a place of support and connection for many women and continue to do so today. At present there are four Circles that meet regularly once a month from September to June in various homes as well as on our church campus.

MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) is a newer ministry under the WoMIN umbrella. It serves to provide mothers of young children with a place of support and encouragement for this very demanding, yet so precious and fleeting, time in life. For more information about MOPs please click the MOPs button below.


Ladies Who Lunch gather once a month on a Thursday at a local eatery for good food and fellowship.


Wednesday Prayer Group meets every Wednesday at 1pm in the church parlor. All are welcome to join these prayer warriors as they go before the Lord praying over our church family and friends, our leaders, our community , our nation, and our world. The Prayer Group is non-gender specific. Both women and men are highly encouraged to be a part of this group!

Lost and Found Bible study that meets on Monday mornings during the Spring and Fall. Each session is 8-10 weeks in duration with topics ranging from specific

books of the Bible, marriage and family, matters of faith, and personal growth.

The current Spring study is "Trustworthy" by Lisa Terkuerst and runs from January thru April 2020.

For more information on this study, click here:


There are multiple ways women can use their unique

talents and gifts at FPCM. Listed below are some of the many ways

to regularly serve in our church and community.

Flower Ministry

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Cross Stitch

Habitat for Humanity

HOMe -Hope Of Mooresville

Samaritan's Purse

Bright Blessings

Church Mouse

Bereavement Meals

Health Reach Clinic

Health Ministry/Parish Nurse


Throughout the year WoMIN provides opportunities for women to gather in community with one another as well as to reach out to those outside of the Body of Christ, giving them the opportunity to hear the Good News of His saving grace. This is done through retreats, conferences, our annual Spring Gathering, and other special events. Please be sure to check under "Trending Now" for upcoming events to plan for in the coming year!

For more information regarding WoMIN, any of our events/programs, or how to become involved in this vibrant ministry

please contact us by email: OR by phone (704) 664-5275




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